I took this course in the Spring of 2012 with Professor Bryan Duff.


Focus on the concepts and principles for developing curriculum and the processes for delivering curriculum. Experiences are designed to assist in identifying the educational needs of clients/students, selecting curriculum content, designing curricula, and delivering the curriculum.
— Course Catalog


Mid-Term Project: Exit Exam Proposal

Project Description
You will submit an outline (ballpark: 4 pages) for a high school exit exam, along with a brief defense of each. The nature of the questions/tasks you put on the exam will depend on your beliefs regarding the first major question of the course: What should students be learning in school?
— Course Syllabus

Unfamiliar Waters: EDUC5440 Exit Exam Proposal Jonathan Tse. PDF

Final Project: WebQuest

Project Description
In the closest thing to a final exam for this course, you will submit a WebQuest that represents your best thinking about something that’s important for students to learn in your content area and about how to help students learn it through web-mediated instruction.
— Course Syllabus

Information Exposure Jonathan Tse. WebQuest