This serves as an informal repository of selected projects and such from my professional career.

You may also be interested in my Curriculum Vitae (CV).

Intel Labs


Intel Pohoiki Springs

Intel Labs

Architected and delivered Pohoiki Springs, a 5 RU 19" rackmount system containing 768 Intel Loihi chips, providing access to a total of 100 million spiking neurons with plastic synapses for the Intel Neuromorphic Research Community.


Intel Nahuku

Intel Labs

Architected and installed Nahuku, a desktop-form factor, 32-chip Intel Loihi system into a Neuromorphic research cloud provided by Intel Labs to the Intel Neuromorphic Research Community. Each Nahuku system provides 4 million spiking neurons for neuromorphic algorithms research.


Intel Kapoho Bay

Intel Labs

Architected and delivered Kapoho Bay, a USB-stick-form-factor Intel Loihi system, to neuromorphic researchers less than a year after Loihi silicon return. Kapoho Bay is widespread use amongst the Intel Neuromorphic Research Community for embedded use cases and algorithmic prototyping purposes such as gesture recognition.


Intel Loihi

Intel Labs

Designed and implemented the Intel Loihi Neuromorphic Research Chip and preceding test chips as part of a small silicon team within Intel labs. Lead silicon power on effort as well as the design and delivery of initial system prototypes to neuromorphic researchers, both internal and external to Intel.

Olin Projects

Asynchronous VLSI

Warning These projects were my first untrained foray into Asynchronous VLSI and are rife with inaccuracies! They have been included for completeness.

Materials Science